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Antiques Road Show EA Edition
Does anyone else enjoy Antiques Roadshow? I know Kevin and I do.

I walked my dogs around the complex this morning, and out by the dumpster I found a framed "painting." I liked it, so after I finished my walk I went to look at it. The glass in the frame was not broken, the frame is in good condition, and the "painting" is actually not. It looks to me like canvas with yarn and thread making a beautiful birch tree, leaves, and birds. You have to be up close to notice that it is not painted... it is not Grandma's needlepoint (or if it is, Grandma has some serious talent!)

The frame has brown paper on the back and a label is affixed that says J. Assenheim & Sons, Importers of Paintings, Etchings, and Sporting Prints, Established 1870, 37 New Street, New York, NY.

1. What do you call this type of artwork?
2. How would one find out if it is of value?
12-03-2011 10:31 AM
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RE: Antiques Road Show EA Edition
1. not sure
2. call a local museum or historical society and ask them who they would recommend for getting an estimate on an item, or call a large antiques store or estate sale company. You may have to pay a nominal fee for the assessment. If they're all "well, it's not worth that much but I'll give you $50 for it," get a second estimate before you sell it to make sure you're not being low-balled. BTW you will not get the estimated worth when you go to sell it as the person who buys it for resale will of course want to make some sort of profit off of it, but it shouldn't be drastically lower than what you're quoted for its worth. Also, values go up and down as demand for particular items shift. Milk glass prices are low when no one wants them, but when some TV interior decorator does a thing on decorating with milk glass, suddenly everyone wants it and the prices go up.


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12-03-2011 10:41 AM
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